Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings
Research shows that the majority of people will experience tooth decay at some point. If you are a Lebanon, MO resident that needs a filling or want to replace an old metal filling, you can be confident from start to finish. Dr. Cox will utilize the most current technology and materials available to treat your tooth decay.

If the last filling you had was made of metal, it may be an unsightly reminder of the procedure. Know that technology has come a long way in recent years, and Lebanon dentist, Dr. Cox, does not use mercury fillings with his patients. Mercury has been known to expand and contract with changes of temperature, oftentimes cracking teeth and allowing more decay underneath.

Not only does mercury make for an unstable restoration, but mercury is known to be highly toxic to the human body. And while advocates argue the amount of mercury found in traditional metal fillings is minimal, in accordance with the FDA, we don’t believe it should be in your mouth at all. Check out the FDA’s findings and why they advocate for amalgam versus mercury fillings.

Instead, Lebanon dentist, Dr. Jerry Cox, uses a material called composite. Composite fillings are metal-free and require less removal of the natural tooth to place. They are also bonded directly to the tooth in order to create a reliable and strong restoration. These fillings are metal-free, mercury-free, and tooth colored for a natural appearance.

One of the greatest benefits of composite fillings is the material is color-matched to your existing tooth, so that only you will know you’ve had a filling. No more unsightly silver colored fillings to show the world you’ve had a cavity!

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