Dental Implants

Dental Implants
If missing teeth are stopping you from achieving your goals, let Dr. Jerry Cox of Lebanon, MO provide a solution that will give you the confidence to interview for a new job or go out on that blind date.

Dental implants are a long lasting tooth replacement system that look and feel like a natural teeth. There is no embarrassing need to remove the teeth like you would with dentures. Implants are root replacements that are attached to the jawbone, so they are stable and secure. Implants look so much like your natural teeth, no one will know you weren’t born with them.


  • Improved appearance
  • Long lasting result
  • No removal for eating or cleaning required
  • Helps preserve bone
  • Helps to regain normal speech
  • Look and feel just like natural teeth
  • Improved oral health, as the adjacent teeth do not need to be altered in order to place an implant
  • Comfortable and convenient

What can I expect at my appointment?

Lebanon dentist, Dr. Cox, will first discuss your goals and expectations, and then determine if you are a candidate for implants. If you are approved for an implant, you will be scheduled for at least two surgical visits.

During your first visit, Lebanon dentist, Dr. Cox, will place the implant using 3D guided implant precision. We use a Sirona 3D imaging system, the latest in implant technology to evaluate surgical and prosthetic parameters, measure gingival line and thickness, and optimize implant alignment, assuring ideal placement and lasting results.

For the next few months the implant will bond with the jawbone becoming secure. The next appointment, Dr. Cox will place the restoration. Most patients report little discomfort with the procedure, however, if you are nervous and would like sedation, Dr. Cox would be happy to discuss that option.

If you are ready to get the striking smile you deserve, give Dr. Cox and his Lebanon dentist team a call at (417) 288-4259.

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