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CERECIn the past, dental restorations such as crowns and porcelain veneers required several visits to the dentist office to complete. An initial exam allowed us to evaluate your needs, create a mold or cast of your teeth, and perhaps place a temporary restoration. That was followed by at least one more visit to remove the temporary item and place the new material. While we love seeing all our patients, we also know that your time is extremely valuable, and we do our best to limit the number of appointments needed to complete your treatment.

With investments in technology and materials by your Lebanon dentist, many restorations by Dr. Cox can now be completed in just one visit. Lebanon’s premiere CEREC 3D imaging and in-office milling facility at Advanced Dental, LLC allows your Lebanon dentist to diagnose, plan, and custom mill porcelain veneers, crowns, inlays, and onlays – from start to finish – right in his office. Best of all, these restorations are often more precise and match your natural teeth better than those made in a lab.

The process starts with a small camera, which creates a three-dimensional (3D) digital image, or optical impression, of the tooth or teeth that are in need of repair. This process takes the place of the old fashioned physical mold, which took extra time and was unpleasant for patients.

With state of the art CAD/CAM software, Dr. Cox is able to create and modify a model of your restoration right on the computer screen. Once the dentist has the precise details of the restoration, the specifications are sent to the milling machine right in the office, which uses diamond coated milling tools to create the new, permanent crown, veneer, or inlay/onlay in just minutes.

The final material is bonded to your existing tooth using a hardening light, it is attached and complete. With light polishing or glazing, the restoration matches the look of your natural teeth so nobody will know it’s anything but natural.

If you are a Lebanon resident who needs crowns or veneers in the future, call the office of Dr. Jerry Cox today for a consultation to find out how their same day CEREC restorations can meet your needs. Call (417) 288-4259 today.

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